COVID-19: Information on Health and Benefits Programs

Updated January 29, 2021: Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Reopens!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Marketplace for Health Insurance will have a "special enrollment period" from February 15, 2021 through May 15, 2021 for new applications. For more information and to find out if you qualify, visit


Previous Updates

Due to COVID-19, Indiana has made several temporary changes to their health and benefits programs. (For our section about unemployment insurance, click here). Indiana Legal Services will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates in this space. If you think you have been wrongly denied coverage or services, you may apply for legal help with our office. Click here to find out how to apply for legal help


Division of Family Resources Offices 

SNAP Benefits (Updated 1/11/2021)

  • From January, 1, 2021 through July 1, 2021, there is a 15% increase in the maximum SNAP benefits per household.
  • The $300 in Pandemic Unemployment Compensation will not count as income for SNAP calculations.
  • Able-bodied adults without dependents will have additional eligiblity for SNAP benefits.
  • All work-related requirements for SNAP are waived.
  • More college students may receive SNAP until the end of teh public health emergency (by providing proof of work study or "zero expected family contribution.")
  • Click Here for instructions on how to apply.  


New Medicaid Services Covered  

  • You will not need to pay any co-pay for a COVID-19 diagnostic test. 

  • The use of phone and video telemedicine services is encouraged, rather than attending an in-person appointment. Your health plan will cover virtual versions of almost all regularly covered services, including mental health services, from both in- and out-of-state providers so long as the services are within the provider’s applicable licensure and scope of practice. (Some services that must be done in person, such as lab services or chiropractor visits, are excluded from this provision.) Contact your health plan for more information. 

  • Your doctor may be able to prescribe you more medication-assisted treatment at one time for substance use disorder.  

Premium Payments for HIP and CHIP are Waived 

  • Through his executive order, the governor waived all Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) premium payments. For HIP, this means you should not be moved to HIP Basic or lose eligibility based on non-payment of POWER account. 


***If you believe you are incorrectly denied or terminated from any of the above benefit programs, contact our office for an application for legal assistance. Apply Here. 

Posted: March 25, 2020