Since 2010, Indiana Legal Services has partnered with healthcare providers throughout Indiana to provide civil legal services to patients of Indiana healthcare providers without charging attorney fees. These partnerships, known as medical-legal partnerships (MLPs), are funded by the healthcare partner and focus on improving patient health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs by using the law to address legal issues known to negatively impact a patient’s ability to become well and stay well.

Indiana Legal Services has MLPs with numerous healthcare providers across Indiana. Our MLPs allow ILS’ MLP teams and our healthcare partners to work together to identify and assist patients whose health is being negatively impacted by civil legal issues. Our MLP teams help patients with various civil legal issue(s) and patients are referred to the MLPs through their healthcare provider.

If you need help with a legal issue, please ask your medical or mental health provider for a referral to its medical-legal partnership.  A referral to the MLP can provide wrap-around services that may meet both your medical and legal needs.

Housing stability

Eviction and homelessness avoidance, poor living conditions, public and private housing


License reinstatement, criminal record expungement

Family law

Divorce, custody/parenting time modification, domestic violence/protective orders

Life Planning

Wills, advanced directives, guardianship (adult and minor)


Immigration status, asylum

Public benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Our Community Partners Include