About the Blog: Taxability for Accessibility

Date: June 17, 2021

Who we are, why we’re here, what we’ll do

Taxability is a blog created by the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic team of Indiana Legal Services, based out of Bloomington, Indiana. Our team includes staff attorneys, students interns, and volunteers, a variety that will be reflected in the authors of these blog posts.

What is our mission at Taxability?

  • We know that readers like yourself are smart and capable- but understanding tax law can be a challenge that some just don’t have time to tackle.
  • That’s where Taxability comes in! We are striving to create important and timely posts that are, above all, accessible for everyone who is willing to read and learn.

The posts may vary from an update about a pertinent change happening in tax law (with advice on how to navigate them from our very well-informed attorneys) or a dive into an older law/regulation that we feel the people might need a little refresher on.

Ultimately, our goal is to connect with as many people as possible, and provide invaluable advice and insight into a field that has been intimidating and confusing to navigate in the past.

So, as a quick recap:

  • We are a team from Indiana, ranging from lawyers to students.
  • Taxability exists to help Hoosiers and anyone else who wants to understand tax law!
  • Our posts will range from dives into existing rules to updates on new ones.
  • Your voice influences what we write- feel free to message with ideas, feedback, or questions.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Blog tab to read our latest posts, or click one of the social media links to connect with our team. We are so excited to spread our expertise and love for learning!

Nicole Kreimer

Student Intern