Client is a disabled 71-year-old woman who owns a home that she occupied with her younger brother, also a senior and disabled. Earlier this year, a tree fell on the client’s house taking out the roof and several rooms of the house. No one was injured.  The client’s insurance has put the client and her brother up in a hotel for the last several months. The insurance company also appraised the damage at $43k and cut a check for that amount.

Client contacted a contractor who agreed to do the work. Client signed over the insurance check to the contractor and has also provided more money. The contractor has since threatened the client that unless she pays yet more money for the “completed work”, the contractor will take legal action and take the house. The client has had two separate home inspections performed after the work was allegedly completed which noted numerous and substantial defects in the workmanship. Another contractor has estimated that it will cost over $100,000 to repair the repairs and bring the home back into living condition – money the client does not have.

Please help this client recover the money from the contractor and get back into her home.

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