Students in public schools and schools that receive federal funding have the right to:

  • Be free from bullying, and harassment from students, staff, and teachers;
  • Speak about LGBTQ+ issues and be out at school;
  • Dress according to your gender identity and expression;
  • Start or participate in GSAs or other LGBTQ+ student groups;
  • Bring the date of your choice to school events like prom;
  • Use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match your gender identity;
  • Be called by your preferred name and correct pronouns, even if you have not had a legal name or gender marker change.
  • Participate in sports teams according to your gender identity regardless of your sex assigned at birth.

If your school isn’t respecting your child’s rights, contact the LGBT Law project at 317-829-3180 or or fill out our on-line intake here 

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