COVID-19: Information for Tenants in Rental Housing

  • On March 19, 2020, Gov. Holcomb issued an order that “paused” eviction cases while there is an ongoing public health emergency. The eviction pause for non-payment of rent has been extended through August 14, 2020.

  • There are several rental assistance programs available to Hoosiers, depending on where you live. To learn more about Indiana's new statewide program, click here.

  • This pause does not mean that tenants do not have to pay rent. You should still pay your rent. 

  • Landlords may now file an eviction if there is an immediate and serious injury, loss or damage to the property.

  • Failure to pay rent and other lease violations may result in eviction actions being filed or heard in court after the state of emergency ends. 

  • Landlords may not forcibly remove tenants from their rental property, nor can they lock out tenants or discontinue utility services. If a landlord does so, tenants should call local law enforcement. If your landlord attempts to evict you while the pause is in place, you may also file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office

  • If you feel that your landlord is trying to evict you inappropriately, you may contact our office for an application for legal assistance. Click here to find out how to apply. 


Posted: March 26, 2020