The Military Assistance Project


Indiana Legal Services, Inc. created the Military Assistance Project (MAP) to assist low-income Hoosier military members, veterans, and their families within Indiana. While these veterans have many of the legal issues that other legal services clients have, they also may also have legal issues that are different, such as issues with the VA or their former branch of the military. Many of the issues that low-income veterans face interfere with their ability to live a stable life. The MAP works to reduce these issues by employing different means to reach our veterans and provide them with quality legal services. 


The MAP is a statewide project that is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The MAP provides direct legal representation on qualifying Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) matters for residents of Indiana. The MAP also provides direct legal representation for certain legal issues that are highly needed by veterans. The MAP provides support to ILS’ eight branch offices, by assisting and, in some cases, serving as co-counsel, for legal issues that require military or veteran-related expertise.

The MAP conducts outreach around the state and has collaborated with other nonprofit organizations to increase access to legal services for military members, veterans, and their families.

The MAP handles a variety of cases including:

  • Discharge Upgrades
  • Correction of Military Records
  • VA Appeals, including VA overpayments
  • Accessing Military Records
  • Expungements



The MAP assists military members, veterans, and family members in Indiana and assists out-of-state military member, veterans and family members with legal cases in Indiana. An individual may qualify if they are low income. The MAP is just one part of Indiana Legal Services, which provides civil legal services in a variety of other areas.


Intakes for the MAP can be done through the ILS intake process. Apply Here

Volunteer Opportunities 

Interested in volunteering or interning? The MAP is often looking for volunteer attorneys, law students, undergraduate students, and community members to assist with cases and various outreach projects. For more information, contact:

The Military Assistance Project (MAP)

Indiana Legal Services, Inc.

Market Square Center, Ste. 1800

151 North Delaware Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Where Can I Learn More?

Attorneys Serving Veterans and Military

Visit our page here for more resources available for veterans and members of the armed services.

Local Assistance for Veterans:

Did you know that you have a County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO)? They have access to all the forms and other information you may need to obtain service from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs as well as the forms for requesting veteran benefits from the State of Indiana. 

To find your Indiana CVSO, please click on the following site.

                        Source link:

To find a CVSO in other states:

                        Source link:

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Programs and Services

Veterans of the United States Uniformed Services may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) thru the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA).

Source Link:

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Benefits Reference Library

                        Source Link:

  • The very first step in obtaining access to your VA Health Benefits is to enroll for care:

                        Source Link:

Seeking Benefits from the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Benefits

There are numerous ways to apply for benefits from the Veterans Benefits Administration depending on the type of benefit you are seeking.

National Guard and Reserve members with active service may qualify for a variety of VA benefits.

Source link:

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