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Indiana Legal Services, Inc. created the Immigrants’ and Language Rights Center (ILRC) in an effort to reach vulnerable and underserved immigrant and limited English proficient populations within Indiana. These populations have particular difficulties accessing legal services because of their language and cultural barriers. They may also have legal issues that are different than other legal service clients. ILRC works to reduce these barriers to services by employing different means to reach these groups and provide them with quality legal services. 



The ILRC is a statewide Center operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The ILRC provides direct legal representation on qualifying immigration matters and language access cases to residents of Indiana. The Center hosts a statewide intake line for immigrants and limited English proficient (LEP) individuals seeking services through Indiana Legal Services, and the ILRC staff provides support to ILS’ eight branch offices, by offering translation help and consultation on immigration eligibility rules.

The ILRC conducts outreach around the state and has collaborated with other nonprofit organizations to increase access to legal services for immigrants and LEP individuals. ILRC hopes to expand on these programs in the coming years by partnering with organizations that work closely with immigrant and LEP populations to conduct outreach and onsite intake. 

The ILRC handles a variety of cases including:

  • U Nonimmigrant and T Nonimmigrant Visas for Victims of Violent Crime and Human Trafficking
  • Visas for Victims of Domestic Violence (VAWA Relief)
  • Family-Based Immigration Services
  • Applications for Legal Permanent Residence (or “Green Card”)
  • Naturalization/Citizenship Applications
  • Defense in Deportation or Removal Proceedings
  • Overseas Consular Processing
  • Follow to Join Applications for Asylees and Refugees 
  • Language Discrimination Cases



The ILRC assists immigrants and LEP populations in Indiana. An individual may qualify if s/he is a resident of Indiana, is low income, and has an eligible immigration status. The ILRC is just one part of Indiana Legal Services, which provides civil legal services in a variety of other areas.



The ILRC operates a statewide Call Center for immigrants and limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. For legal assistance, call our intake line:

Immigrants' and Language Rights Center Intake Line
Phone: 1-866-964-2138
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30AM to 4:30PM
Se Habla Español 

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*Note that the Center only conducts in person consultations on an emergency, case-by-case basis.



Interested in volunteering or interning? The Center is often looking for volunteer attorneys, law students, undergraduate students, and community members to assist the call center.  

For more information, contact:


Immigrants’ and Language Rights Center

Indiana Legal Services

1200 Madison Ave.

Suite 300

Indianapolis, IN 46225

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