Workplace Violence Restraining Order

What is a Workplace Violence Restraining Order?

This is an order that an employer can get from a court if an employee has suffered unlawful violence or threats of violence at the employee’s place of work. The order will tell the person who is bothering you to stay away from you at your place of work.

What is “unlawful violence”?

Generally, it is a stalking or a battery against an employee. This can include actions or threats involving following an employee to or from work or during the workday, entering the employee’s place of business, and making phone calls to the employee during the work day.

How do I get a Workplace Violence Restraining Order?

The employer has to request this order, not the employee. If you are having problems at work with violence or threats of violence, you should talk to your employer.

Does this law apply to all employers?

It applies to most employers, as long as they have at least 2 employees.

How much does it cost to get a Workplace Violence Restraining Order?

There is no filing fee for the Workplace Violence Restraining Order. If the employer hires an attorney to file the paperwork, there will be an attorney fee. You can find information about filing for a Workplace Violence Restraining Order without an attorney at the Workplace Violence Restraining Order link here.

Last revised: 4-2014

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