HoosierRx is Indiana's Prescription Drug Program for low-income seniors.

HoosierRx Helps Pay for your Medicare Part D Plan

Indiana’s State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, HoosierRx, can help pay the monthly Part D premium, up to $70 per month, for members enrolled in a Medicare Part D Plan working with HoosierRx.

To be eligible for HoosierRx you must:

  • Be an Indiana resident, 65 years old or older.
  • Have a yearly income of $17,745 or less for a single person, or $23,835 or less for a married couple living together.
  • Have applied for the “Medicare Extra Help” through Social Security to pay for your Medicare Part D plan, and received either a “Notice of Award” or “Notice of Denial” from Social Security.
    • Your Social Security “Notice of Denial” must be because your resources are above the limit established by law.
    • Your Social Security “Notice of Award” must state that you are receiving partial extra help subsidy to help pay for your Medicare Part D premium.

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