Please visit this page for basic information regarding the ILS Board of Directors. Below is a directory of members and their roles.


Board Members and Committee Assignments

Adams, Shirley - Client Training, Grievance

Bodensteiner, Ivan - Finance

Carlson, Kristina L. - Client Training (Vice Chair), Grievance

Carmichael, Vicki - Diversity, Governance

Carr, Phyllis - Diversity, Governance

Carter White, Geraldine - Client Training, Advocacy, Priorities & Practice

Chidester, Walter S. - Executive, Finance, Compensation & Benefits

Duell, Kimberly D. - Grievance, Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Compensation & Benefits (Chair)

Edwards, Samantha - Client Training, Compensation & Benefits, Governance

Ezell, Jerome - Diversity, Compensation & Benefits, Governance

Gabbard, Karen S. - Diversity, Compensation & Benefits

Gardner, Ryan Judge

Guerrettaz, David - Executive, Client Training, Finance

Harmon, Kristen - Compensation & Benefits

James, Heather R. - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Diversity

Johnson, Harry - Executive, Finance (Vice Chair), Client Training

Mann, Roger - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Grievance

McKinnon, Patricia (President) - Executive (Chair), *ex-officio member of all board committees

Moses, Karen - Client Training, Grievance

Orenstein, Aviva - Client Training, Finance

Osborn, Kathy L. - Grievance, Governance

Palmquist, Steven (Treasurer) - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Executive, Finance

Reyes, Ernesto V. - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Client Training

Rifai, Dana - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Diversity

Rompola, Randy - Compesation & Benefits, Diversity

Schultz, Fred - Finance, Grievance

Seaton, Carol-Ann - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Diversity, Finance

Simbol, Nellie - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice (Chair), Diversity, Governance

Sims, LaDonna (1st Vice President) - Client Training, Executive

Smith, Cynthia Phillips - Client Training

Stanton, Judy - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Executive, Governance (Chair)

Steckbeck, Kristin - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice (Vice Chair), Grievance

Szabo, Jessica - Advocacy, Priorities & Practice, Governance

Tapp, Sylvia - Compensation & Benefits, Diversity (Vice Chair), Governance

Villarrubia, Tabitha - Diversity

Williams, Mildred - Client Training (Chair), Executive, Governance, Grievance

Willis, LaShung (Secretary) - Diversity, Executive, Governance (Vice Chair)

Wylie, Scott - Governance, Grievance (Vice Chair)

Ying, Amber Nicole - Compensation & Benefits, Governance


Board Officers

President: Patty McKinnon

1st Vice President: LaDonna Sims

Secretary: LaShung Willis

Treasurer: Steve Palmquist

Assistant Secretary: Jon Laramore


Office Leaders

Administration Office: Jon Laramore, Executive Director

Bloomington Office: Carl Greci, Managing Attorney

Evansville Office: Amanda Hall, Managing Attorney

Fort Wayne Office: Chris Baumgartner, Managing Attorney

Indianapolis Office: Tracy Pappas, Managing Attorney

Lafayette Office: Ann Ginda, Managing Attorney

Merrillville Office: Patricia Roman Hass, Managing Attorney

New Albany Office: Marianne Conrad, Managing Attorney

South Bend Office: Angie Hoogeveen, Managing Attorney







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