Community organization leaders - Help us provide tax education!

Low IncomeTaxpayer Clinics (LITCs) exist to ensure the fairness and integrity of the tax system for taxpayers who are low income or speak English as a second language (ESL) through Representation, Advocacy, and Education.

The LITC at Indiana Legal Services eagerly seeks to fulfill this mission. Although our amazing team of pro bono attorneys and legal interns provide superb representation and advocacy on behalf of low income taxpayers, we need the help of Indiana community service providers to identify opportunities to educate low income and ESL taxpayers about their rights and responsibilities under the tax code.

We tailor education about taxpayer rights and responsibilities to the needs of the local community. We seek to conduct presentations in a taxpayer’s native language and provide an avenue for reaching taxpayers who may otherwise be unable to overcome communication barriers with the IRS. 

As members and leaders of Indiana's community service organizations, you can help lead us to the opportunities to provide this education!

We provide engaging presentations on a variety of tax subjects that directly affect Indiana residents. Whether we like it or not, tax affects most of us at some point or another. This is true for the people in your organizations as well! We may be able to teach them how to prevent future tax problems, or learn how they can resolve those already affecting them.

So please contact us today and tell us how we can help.

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Community organization leaders - Help us provide tax education!

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