Your Generosity in Action

Low-income Hoosiers are struggling every day to receive legal assistance and fair representation within the justice system. Much like our client, Ava, featured in the video below, these individuals can often need more than just one form of legal service. The need for assistance beyond the primary case can be expensive and difficult to find complete representation; but, that's where Indiana Legal Services and the work of our attorneys play a role in providing complete assistyance to our clients. Ava struggled not only with domestic violence, but she was also in need of assistance with finding housing, consumer advocacy, and immigration. Without the support of ILS and other legal aid providers, Ava might not have regained custody of her children or been able to pursue independence from an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, the work of ILS is nearly impossible without assistance from community partners and members such as you.

In 2016, we were able to provide extended legal services to 1,709 clients, and we helped 7,988 clients through individually tailored legal advice. These services can provide a new life and new opportunities for many of our clients. Our advocacy led to monetary gains in public benefits, child support, court judgements, etc. totaling more $1,955,085 and we helped our clients avoid more than $3,745,245 in obligations that were otherwise legally due. These totals are providing freedom and independence for clients that believed their lives would never change. 

A simple donation of $80 can help provide one hour of fuel for our organization and the services that we provide. By making a donation you can help ensure that your fellow Hoosiers have a chance of leading a life free of the pain, stress and heartache that is experienced during the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Click HERE to visit our 2017 Attorney Campaign page today and help us help those in need.

Indiana Legal Services Gala Video from Alex Johnson on Vimeo.

Your generosity in action

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