Indiana Legal Services, Inc. operates under a strategic plan. The plan helps to make sure the organization achieves its vision and goals. ILS’ vision is to provide dignity, fairness, and equality for all people under the law.

There are four specific goals in the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan:

  • Uniformly deliver excellent services and representation to low-income and elderly clients.
  • Advocate for clients and client communities, especially marginalized populations, to ensure just outcomes.
  • Increase visibility and financial support for ILS.
  • Enhance organizational and individual accountability and effectiveness.

Each strategic goal includes specific initiatives that will be implemented to make progress against each goal and the Strategic Plan as a whole. By working toward and achieving these goals, ILS will provide concrete help on the legal issues clients face while it also seeks to alter some of the fundamental underpinnings that support such conditions. These strategies will:

  • Improve access to safe and affordable housing;
  • Protect the rights of victimized adults and seniors;
  • Enhance protection from domestic violence;
  • Expand service delivery to marginalized communities;
  • Protect consumer rights; and
  • Improve access to public benefits, healthcare, and education.

The legal aid which emerges as a result of this strategic plan will be more effective in addressing client and community needs; more comprehensive in its advocacy role; and more contributive toward a society with ensured access to justice.

The entire Strategic Plan can be viewed via the link below. .

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Strategic Plan

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