Minor Name & Gender Change Guide

This packet of forms is designed so that you (the parent) can fill it out on your word processing software. It was originally composed in Microsoft Word 2013. If you are using different software, you might need to change the spacing slightly. If you do, make sure that the caption appears at the top of each. The caption is the all capital letters section that begins with “STATE OF INDIANA”.

The pieces of information that you will need to fill in are highlighted and labeled with capitals and brackets. To fill in the firm, replace each piece with the correct information and remove the highlights and brackets. You can use your word processing software to search and replace, but you should make sure to go over everything afterward to make sure everything is correct. Below are some definitions and helpful information.


CHILD’S LEGAL INITIALS: The initials of your child’s current legal name go here, in the caption.

COUNTY: This is the county you are filing in. Use all capital letters.

PARENT Name: This is your name.

OTHER Parent Name: This is your child’s other parent’s name.

OLD Legal Name: This is your child’s current legal name.

NEW Legal Name: This is what you and your child want the court to change your child’s name to.

Driver’s license number: If your child doesn’t have a driver’s license but has an Indiana state ID, change this to say Indiana State ID number. If your child doesn’t have a license or a state ID, change this to say that they don’t have a driver’s license.

Other names: If your child has had a previous legal name, say what it was and how it was changed (for example, by adoption).

Over 21 years of age: If you are not over 21, change this to your age.

Verified Consent: Your child’s other parent will have to sign this consent form in front of a notary public and have it notarized. Most banks have notaries and only charge a few dollars to notarize a document.

Table of Contents