Tax Clinic Volunteer Testimonials

Below are comments from people who have worked at the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic at ILS. Some are law students and others are practicing lawyers. But ALL have something positive to say about their work at the Clinic. 

"... so that my clients could acheive a fresh start..."

I joined the ILS Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic during the summer after my first year of law school, and I continued working at the LITC for the duration of my law school years. It was a privilege to work with taxpayers across the state of Indiana--good, hard-working people who, often due to no fault of their own, found themselves in a tricky spot with the IRS or state tax authorities. I enjoyed hearing my clients' stories and sharing my own, and I took great pleasure in collaborating with the LITC lawyers and interns to devise practical, reasonable solutions so that my clients could achieve a fresh start (both legally and financially).

The glory of our legal system--when it works--is that it guarantees due process and fair representation for all comers. I was honored to play a small part in fulfilling that promise.

     - Joseph C. Dugan, JD (graduation date May 2015)

"... I was truly making a difference in their lives."

I worked at Indiana Legal Service’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic the summer after my first year of law school and throughout the second school year. It is impossible to list all of the benefits that ILS provided me with, but I can honestly say that the work I did was brought up in every single interview that I had while searching for summer internships for my second summer of law school.

The work differentiates itself from all others because I had actual clients that I got to know on a personal basis. This is truly extraordinary. Each case was different and required different documentation and research. I had the opportunity to work on numerous tax returns, amended tax returns, tax court petitions, and I worked directly with the IRS on a nearly daily basis. The joy I was able to bring to the taxpayers I worked with was the most satisfying, and I could tell that I was truly making a difference in their lives. I cannot recommend ILS enough, and the staff is second to none. Interesting, meaningful, and challenging work that provides a substantial difference to the quality of life for individuals. What more could you desire?

    - Jeremy Munza, (graduation date May 2017)

"... taxpayers who come here get help!"

Too many taxpayers do not realize that free legal aid is available for dealing with their tax problems. Our tax laws continue to increase in complexity, while the agencies charged with administering tax are decreased in size. Unfortunately, it is very often the low income taxpayers that get the short end of the stick! 

I believe in ILS's Low Income Taxpayer Clinic and its ability to truly help people in need. It is staffed by the state's BEST attorneys and interns who work very hard to resolve their clients' conflicts with tax agencies. I have seen people's lives truly changed through the work accomplished at this clinic -- whether it is relief from a crushing tax debt or the ability to move past a troubling time in their lives -- taxpayers who come here get help! I am truly honored to have been a part of the work here.

   - Eric B. Jones, (graduation date May 2016)

"It has truly been a great experience for me."

Working with clients to resolve their tax issues has allowed me to see the value of my work. It is fascinating to see legal concepts and ideas that I had learned in classrooms come to life as I help my clients. It has truly been a great experience for me. Closely working with my clients has helped me form a deep relationship with many of my clients. I look forward to serving many more clients in the future

   - Daniel Kim, (graduation date May 2016)

Tax Clinic Volunteer Testimonials

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