Indiana Legal Services - Legal Assistance for Victimized Adults (LAVA)

The number of people who suffer from abuse, neglect or exploitation is staggering. Seniors and endangered adults are particularly vulnerable to many types of abuse.

Abuse, neglect and exploitation of the senior and endangered adult population is a pervasive problem and a growing concern. The costs for victims of abuse can be devastating.

It is difficult for many seniors and endangered adults to see themselves as victims of crime, especially when the crime is perpetrated by a loved one or family member. Asking for legal help is often a big step for many of our clients.

The Legal Assistance for Victimized Adults (LAVA) Project's goal is to provide a pathway to civil justice for our clients. The LAVA Project team encourages anyone who believes they may qualify for our services to contact us.

Clients are potentially eligible for free civil legal services.